Exploring the overlap between ASD, Schizoid Personality and Schizophrenia

The following is an interesting read which I can relate to:

Peer-Professional First Person Account: Before Psychosis—Schizoid Personality From the Inside

The occurrence of schizophrenia as a worsening of schizoid traits previously present has been a topic of interest for some time. However, it is generally the case that information on a day-to-day basis about the premorbid personalities of psychotic patients when they come into care is fragmented and limited. In this article, I describe my own experience of schizoidism, into which I had insight, before I became psychotic. I also give some comments on how this worsened into psychosis.

As is the following:

Aspergers, or schizoid personality disorder?


It is interesting to consider the different approach to treatments for SPD

Not self-diagnosing myself with SPD, just found the overlap interesting.


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