My trials with supplements for schizophrenia

I’m abandoning my trials with most supplements – they simply have not demonstrated any substantial improvements to my health. I did everything I could to research and try and treat my schizophrenia, believing current antipsychotics were not going to be that effective… Time for a new phase in my life. Wish me luck!

My subjective experiences were:

Longer trials:

L-lysine 6g/day added to clozapine for several months: No decline in auditory hallucinations. No benefits over clozapine alone on total symptomatology. See more
Pregnenolone 100mg/day added to clozapine and aripiprazole for many months: Perhaps a slight improvement in anxiety and negative symptoms. No effect on positive symptoms See here and here [review]
DHEA 100mg/day added to clozapine and aripiprazole for many months: Improvement in negative symptoms. Increase in energy and improvement in depressive symptoms. Some subjective prosocial improvements. Worth further investigation. See here and here [review]
DHEA + Pregnenolone 100mg each added to clozapine and aripiprazole for several months. Perhaps slightly synergistic. Improvement in negative and depressive symptoms.
D-serine 2g bd added to clozapine + aripiprazole for a couple of months: no significant improvement in positive symptoms nor any notable cognitive improvement. Potentially a slight improvement in negative symptoms? There was perhaps a slight decline in cognition, particularly with regard to attention span, on ceasing.
Sodium benzoate + D-serine see here

[A] patient noted rapid improvements in cognition and mood when 1g sodium benzoate tds was added to 2g/day D-serine but this was not trialed for a long period. 500mg sodium benzoate b.d. and D-serine 1g b.d. was as effective as 2g D-serine b.d. but the subjective beneficial effects were minimal in both cases, even on prolonged administration. No subjective improvement in positive symptoms or cognition was noted but there was a slight (?) improvement in negative symptoms.

Sodium benzoate – Slightly activating/mild antidepressant effects at all doses used. see here

One patient with sub-therapeutic levels of clozapine, also taking therapeutic doses of aripiprazole failed to find benefit from 1g sodium benzoate added once daily. Replicating the 2013 study by using 500mg b.d. may be more effective.

L-theanine 400mg added to various antipsychotics: improvement in agitation and attention span. Slight anxiolytic effect. Worth further investigation. See more here and here
Sarcosine 2g/day added to various antipsychotics: Dose dependent improvement in concentration (worsening of concentration at higher doses). Acute effects included an improvement in mood. See more here and here
N-acetylcysteine ~3g/day addded to clozapine and aripiprazole: No improvement in positive or negative symptoms. Abnormal LFTs potentially attributed to its use? Really bad flatulence. See more
Acetyl-l-carnitine 5g/day added to clozapine: No notable antidepressant effects despite the claims. Abandoned due to ending up smelling like trimethylamine. See more
Oral lavender oil (80mg +): effective for mild anxiety. See more here
Raw cacao powder 15-30g/day: no notable benefits
Fish oil – 2.7g omega-3 daily ~1 year: No notable benefits?
Combination: Fish oil (2.7g omega-3), aspirin (600mg), curcumin (600mg), coenzyme Q10 (150mg), vitamin E (1000IU), ascorbic acid (2500mg), vitamin D (1000IU), vitamin B12 (1mg), folic acid (5mg), full spectrum multivitamin/B complex and dietary nitrate (8mmol, twice daily) added to aripiprazole 30mg/day resulted in an almost complete attenuation of my auditory hallucinations

Shorter trials:

Sunifiram (20mg acute) added to various antipsychotics: no notable improvements in memory. Slight improvement in attention span and positive symptoms. Improvement in agitation associated with aripiprazole. See more here
Galantamine: 6-20mg nocte: improvement in sustained concentration and memory recall at higher doses. Worth further investigation. See more here
Pregabalin see here
Phenibut 750mg – 1g: Dramatic improvement in the intensity of auditory hallucinations. Acute anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. Worth further investigation. See more here
Agmatine 3g/day added to clozapine and aripiprazole for several weeks: No substantial antidepressant effects. No reduction in total symptomatology. See here
Oxytocin added to clozapine and aripiprazole:

I’ve tried buccal (200IU) and intranasal oxytocin at various doses (exceeding 24IU) and for periods of up to a couple of weeks in the past without noticing anything subjectively. I was more focused on improving negative affect, most particularly relating to loneliness and didn’t specifically try to evaluate improvements in social cognition. My social skills are pretty crappy and I have an autism spectrum condition which adds to my social impairments.

See more [review]

Please note: Most of these trials were done while on a high dose of a SNRI (venlafaxine 375mg/day – I have comorbid TRD). Also note that some trials overlapped.

To conclude, I’d say the most promising leads are galantamine for attention/cognitive symptoms, GABA-B agonism (via phenibut in my case, which also binds to the α2-δ subunit of voltage-dependent calcium channels [1]) for auditory hallucinations, L-theanine for anxiety and activation symptoms, GlyT1 inhibition via sarcosine for attention and depressive symptoms (dose dependent), DHEA for negative and depressive symptoms and pregabalin or oral lavender oil for anxiety. Sunifiram and ampakines deserve further research. I did not notice much improvement from NMDAR glycine site modulation with D-serine or DAAO inhibition with sodium benzoate but recommend further research in the area. D-serine shows encouraging potential, particularly for individuals at high risk for FEP, see here.

4 thoughts on “My trials with supplements for schizophrenia

  1. Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your work on this website. My son has schizophrenia and we are currently trying high doses of niacin and vitamin C. It makes me nervous using high doses but after reading Abram Hoffers books, we decided to see if it might help.

    As yet, I cannot say but it has only been a few weeks. Was this something you tried at all?



  2. Hi Nick,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with others. It is a huge gift to everyone struggling with schizophrenic symptoms.

    I’m guardian (and once a week caregiver) for a severely ill sister (age 55) who has tried almost all of the antipsychotics and never gotten significant relief from auditory hallucinations. She is in 24/7 care (residential) but hardly anyone can understand anything she says.

    ONCE — for a week– she had symptom relief after 4 sessions of neurofeedback with Angelo Bolea ( No other practitioner could ever replicate his results – I think the effect is proportional to rapport with the trainer.

    I am very interested in the length of time it took your combination of supplements (below) to significantly reduce your auditory hallucinations. My sister tried aripiprazole and the akathisia was not tolerable. She is now on Latuda (80 mg). Higher doses caused akathisia.

    What was your dietary source of nitrate?

    And when you had good results with phenibut, how long did that take? Which product did you use?

    I follow Mark McCarty’s writings at Catalytic Longevity and once asked him if he would write a paper on schizophrenia. He sent me some very interesting material, but never published it. If you want me to share that info with you, let me know.

    Sincerely, Marian

    Combination: Fish oil (2.7g omega-3), aspirin (600mg), curcumin (600mg), coenzyme Q10 (150mg), vitamin E (1000IU), ascorbic acid (2500mg), vitamin D (1000IU), vitamin B12 (1mg), folic acid (5mg), full spectrum multivitamin/B complex and dietary nitrate (8mmol, twice daily) added to aripiprazole 30mg/day resulted in an almost complete attenuation of my auditory hallucinations


    • Hi Marian – Sorry to hear of your sister’s struggles. Thank you for sharing her story and I do hope she finds some relief. The results with neurofeedback are very interesting.

      I have to say that it seems the results I had could be a bit biased as in retrospect, I may have been making the transition from an active phase to a more residual one with regard to the auditory hallucinations (which attenuated, have ‘shifted’ to vocal tics and now have slightly returned unfortunately due to some stressors). I also had extensive psychological interventions at the same time which may have resulted in some improvements. Going by my rather poor memory, I would have been on the combination for several weeks but don’t quote me on that. The nitrate source was as the potassium mineral salt. I still stand by it as being a worthwhile combination to try but it’s probably best replacing the dietary nitrate with a balanced diet, or choosing sources listed in:

      Be very careful with the phenibut. While I had great results initially from the phenibut (within days) I found it highly addictive and ended up having severe withdrawals. Best avoided IMO.

      I’d be interested in Mark McCarty’s material – I can be emailed via rohtech*@* (remove the *). Thank you for the offer.

      Best wishes to you and your sister,



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