The Seasons of Wellbeing as an Evolutionary Map for Transpersonal Medicine (2015)

The Seasons of Wellbeing as an Evolutionary Map for Transpersonal Medicine (2015)

The four Seasons of Wellbeing (Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate) refer to distinct rhythms, periods, and factors that influence the accessibility of an individual’s resources during the journey of life. Each season is explicitly and implicitly related to an individual’s experience, focus, and capacity for self-organizational states. Each can be used to understand, organize, and foster behavior change, positive growth, transformation, and human development. A genealogy of the seasons is described, emphasizing the empirical and theoretical foundations of Reorganizational Healing and its roots in models such as Grof ’s Systems of Condensed Experiences (or COEX Systems) and Wilber’s Integral Theory and Pre/Trans Fallacy. In the context of transpersonal medicine, the seasons offer a framework through which various levels and states associated with an individual’s growth can be mapped and utilized for personal evolution. In this context, seasons are applicable for practitioners and clients who have used transpersonal states to avoid painful emotions or difficult actions. The seasons can guide transpersonal medical clients on a path towards transpersonal being and integration of various states leading to a higher organizational baseline. As a practical tool, the seasons have pertinence in the development of “transpersonal vigilance,” a term defined in this article. The seasons offer resources to practitioners to support clients toward transpersonal being, in a reorganizationally informed or reorganizational way.

“Discover, the first season, is the place in which we start by default. In Discover, we want to learn, uncover or find some important and vital information. This season involves developing an understanding of the body’s movement, its energy flow and how it allows the flow of breath. We learn how we have controlled these factors with posture and tension to numb our experience and protect ourselves from pain and suffering.

We fully enter the second season, Transform, when we develop the strength and courage to begin doing something about the situations we were protecting ourselves against. We are motivated to take action to move away from what we don’t like and towards a goal or something compelling that we do want. Because we know how we have sustained pain in Discover, our efforts in Transform are successful at moving us towards our goal.

Awaken is the season in which we experience ourselves as souls. We experience connection, love and gratitude. It is the third season and its true experience really comes when we have no attachment to past traumas and no need to prove ourselves. We have no more sense of ourselves as people, roles, jobs or accomplishments. Our purpose is connection, service and growth.

The fourth season, Integrate, is experienced once we have a good understanding of how life works in each of the three prior seasons. At that point we become able to consciously combine the gifts of two seasons to uncover the learning, create the outcome or deepen the level of service we are called to experience.” [1]

four seasons 1 four seasons 2

table 2

four seasons 3

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